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Going through a transition? Are you at a cross-road or a point in your life where you really want to make a change, but you’re too filled with doubts, fears, negativity, trepidation or pain? Driving in the fog, unable to decide or take action and hoping for bright sunshine and blue skies? Wish to feel more vibrant and energized? Need clarity on what you want to achieve or have? Get a unique view as Michele shares her perspectives, insights and special tips. See what purposeful individuals who took action have said about following their passions, getting past their gremlins and enjoying success. They have “Sparkle” and their businesses “Shine"!

Do you want to take the stress out of your life and get what you desire? When you feel stressed, there is also always an opportunity to look outside of the box. Discover how you can use The Law of Attraction, the framework of ISO 9001, and other practical tools to create a path to your vision of success. As a coach, Michele seamlessly bridges and blends the analytical, woo-woo and creative worlds. She opens new perspectives for her clients to align to their inner Sparkle.

Time does not wait for us. Find your Sparkle and learn to nurture it so its brilliance can Shine, fill your soul and help you achieve your goals and dreams with ease!


Navigate through your fears, doubts and negative self-talk to finally get control of you. Take actions that will break the cycle of negativity and instill instead HABITUAL Positivity.

Access more “Flow” in your life.

Get the basic “in a nutshell” idea of how the core concepts in the ISO 9001 International Quality Management System Standard can simplify challenges and help you reduce stress in your everyday life and business. Learn the eight secrets on how you can engage people's hearts and minds to increase delivery of high quality results!

Have more ease and joy as you start to engage more effectively through your energy, vibration, well-being and The Law of Attraction.

Step up to living the life you wish to lead!


    Get to the ROOT of your “stressors” at home and work, so you and your business can sparkle and shine!

    • Is your purpose working for you and are YOU working your purpose? Get clarity on what brings you “sparkle” at home and work!
    • Stressed and frazzled by stuff or people not doing what they are supposed to do? Learn how your Divine Spark plays a part in this! See why it also pays to be selfish with your health.
    • Finding it hard to engage hearts at both work and home? The secret sauce revealed!
    • What's the Secret to the Law of Attraction? Get insights into Resonance and Vibration - The Woo Woo Stuff!
    • How to ignore the gremlins and goblins and naysayers when you know they are dimming your light!
    • Are you feeling drained? Are your relationships lighting you up or draining your battery? How to R.E.C.R.U.I.T. (Review, Embrace, Connect, Release, Unplug-If-Toxic) and Sparkle You!
    • Are your processes often like spaghetti or sugar cubes? If you are often strung out by your processes and wish you could build new ones or grow with the ones you already have, a simple framework such as ISO 9001 can help!
    • Are you a care-giver and provider, pulled in all directions and running out of steam? Learn the “why” and simple strategies for putting yourself first for a change.
    • Going through a transition in life and looking for answers? Searching? Perhaps you should start with a question. Find out the magic of questioning with intent.
    • Sitting on the fence or doing the same things and wanting different results? Discover the “Sparkle” nuggets shared in interviews by ordinary people who stepped up to the plate and followed their passions into business success.
    • Open up to new possibilities. Ask yourself the “What if” and the “What do I need?” questions, will you! Today is the day to take action. Live the life you wish to lead!