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Sparkle And Shine - Get Your Brilliance Out (At Home and Work)

Sparkle and Shine -

Get Your Brilliance Out

(At Home and Work)


Michele Ho Lung

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Imagine having a quiet, peaceful mind, without the negative chatter, no longer caught up in emotions and feelings that leave you drained, tired. Whether you realize it or not, negative thoughts, emotions and feelings can make you sick.  

Imagine being able to leave the blame, judgement, guilt, fear, trauma, grief, agitation, overwhelm and beating yourself in the past.  

Get the SIMPLE Proven Steps - The How To's on this and so much more in Sparkle and Shine - Get Your Brilliance Out (At Home and Work).  

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Sparkle and Shine Book by Michele Ho Lung, The R.E.A.L. Sparkle Diva

Are you going through a transition? At a crossroad or  transition point in your life wanting to make a change? Filled with doubts, fears, negativity or trepidation? Feel like you're driving in the fog not seeing where you need to go? 

When you can get clarity, it can change everything and feel like a breath of fresh air, in bright sunshine with blue skies. What's even nicer is when you get energized and feeling light, free and happier as you get to jumpstart your results because you're no longer going on the downward spiral of negative thoughts.

Read about how purposeful, heart-centered individuals followed their passions, took action, got past their gremlins and got to fulfill their dreams. Discover how you can activate your Divine Spark and use simple steps and tools to get your business to “Shine”, as Michele shares her perspectives, insights and secrets.

Learn to take the stress out of your life and get what you desire

When you feel stressed, there is also always an opportunity to look outside the box.

Michele's creative approach reveals surprising ways to use and think about the Law of Attraction, other practical tools, processes and systems like the framework of the ISO 9001 International Quality Management System Standard.

The Sparkle Approach System creates a path for you to achieve your vision of success and big dream.

As a business and personal development coach, Michele seamlessly bridges and blends the analytical, woo-woo and creative worlds. She opens new perspectives for her clients to align to their inner Divine Spark and power it up as they increase their Sparkle. For example, she will help you assess if your processes like cooked spaghetti, sugar cubes or cement blocks!

Time does not wait for anyone.

Find your Sparkle and learn to nurture it. Let your Divine Spark's brilliance shine through, fill your soul so you can achieve your goals and dreams with ease!


Navigate through your fears, doubts and negative self-talk to finally get control of you.

Take actions that will break the cycle of negativity and instill, instead, HABITUAL Positivity.

Access more “Flow” in your life.

Get the five secrets on how to engage your own heart in your own required “activities” as well as ,

Get the five ingredients for engaging the hearts and minds of others, to increase delivery of high quality results!

Get the simplified “in a nutshell” strategy of how you can approach the challenges and reduce stress in your everyday life and business.

Understand the importance of Intention with “wiggle” room, as well as the benefits of having systems and frameworks.

Have more ease and joy as you start to engage the Law of Attraction more effectively through your increased clarity, energy, vibration and the purposeful actions you take.

Step up to living the life you wish to lead!* 

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Strategies to Power Up Your Divine Spark

and Increase Your Sparkle:

How to Be CEO of You™ and get to the

ROOT of your “stressors”, at home and work.

Tips and tools for you to apply Right NOW,

so you and your business can sparkle and shine brilliantly!

How to get your Purpose Working for You

and Work your Purpose

Get clarity and get moving on what brings you

“sparkle” so you can get on track and out

of the trenches, to your life goals and dreams

What to do when you are stressed and frazzled

When “stuff’ happens or people are not doing

what they are supposed to

Why you need to be selfish with your health

What to do when you are a caregiver or main

provider for you and your family, and running

out of steam

Discover powerful ways to employ the power

of the “And” in maintaining your health. 

How to engage hearts at both work and home

The secret sauce revealed! How to get the Law

of Attraction buzzing

Get insights into Resonance and Vibration –

The Woo Woo Stuff

Dealing with the gremlins - what are they? 

How do you tame them?

What to do when they are dimming your light?

How To R.E.C.R.UIT

Uncover On These

Pages Cont'd:

What to do when naysayers are draining your batteries

What to do naysayers are draining your batteries

How to build a winning team

What frameworks like ISO 9001:2015 [International Quality Management System Standard] can do for you

How to evaluate your processes and systems

Process” and systems are De-mystified

The magic of questioning with Intention

How to ask Powerful Questions

What to do when you’re going through challenges and transitions

Get “Sparkle” nuggets shared in interviews

Ordinary people who stepped up to the plate

Individuals who followed their passions to turn their dreams into business success

People who got off the fence and took ACTION… to Get their Different DESIRED Results!

Learn how to Open up to new possibilities.

Is Today the Day to Take Action?

Live the life you wish to lead!


"After reading the chapter on Law of Attraction, I'd like to thank you Michele. I feel "sparkled" by what you shared in this chapter. It's like we're having counselling while reading..." 

Charma Babayo, Virtual Assistant/Administrator, the Philippines

"A business process and a self-help book with new breakthrough paradigms and the sharings of The Law of Attraction, energy and vibration! Interestingly unique, amazing and challenges the status quo! A definite must-read for open-minded go-getters who wish to drive forward with purpose and heart!" 

Anastasia Button, author of #NewJobNewLife

"Michele HO Lung is SPECTACULAR! She is one of the most positive people around. This is evident by the philosophies she outlines in this book. She has taken her creative mind and fused it with her logical mind to come up with the tools and strategies you need to improve your life! Get ready to SPARKLE!" 

Josevie F. Jackson, Author/Speaker/International Business Consultant

"If you are caught in a negative stress cycle and can't seem to quieten the Gremlins chattering in your head, Sparkle and Shine is the go-to book to get tips and strategies. As well, you'd be able to break through limiting beliefs with positive and life-affirming paradigms and follow simple steps to focus and tune up your daily thoughts and feelings to achieve your goals and dreams with more ease. Sparkle and Shine is a "must-read!"

Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt, author of Unstoppable You

"After reading Michele’s manuscript, I was filled with hope and a sense of joy at the many positive and life-affirming paradigms it offered its readers. A good many strategies are provided in linear formation, making it easier for the reader to read, process and analyze. My hope would be that this manuscript would become the formative manual for a series of interactive workshops. It also is a great platform from which prescriptive journaling could play an important and integral part. There are many gems of wisdom throughout this engaging read, and if the materials within are used in an effective format, the discussions and the personal decision making that emerge could truly be transformative."

Judith Weber, Retired Teacher, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"Working with Michele as my business coach has been amazing! Not only has she helped me identify my values and goals, she has assisted in creating a map of how to get where I want to be...

She has taught me many tools to stay grounded and positive in this journey. I believe the greatest advantage Michele offers is the energy she brings to the table. Her enthusiasm and positivity are contagious, she really does SPARKLE, and she is teaching me to do the same. It is a real pleasure working with Michele. I am grateful for her optimism, energy and wisdom." 

Dr. Colette Boileau, Colette M Boileau Professional Corporation

Dr. Melinda Q Toney MD

Awaken Chrysalis

"Sparkle and Shine engages those who yearn to re-kindle their spark within in order to live in the Flow of their Brilliance. This Brilliance informs and inspires work, health and home by fulfilling life’s purpose. Michele Ho Lung offers her seasoned approach in a very practical and accessible way along with the life experiences and wisdom of successful CEO’s who shine brightly. She takes us step by step beginning with awakening the true leader within by choosing to take charge of one’s self and tackling the blocks in becoming the ‘CEO of yourself’ and ‘Taming the gremlins' in your head. Michele marshals us to health body, mind and spirit and a deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction. Finally she coaches us with practical questions and approach to activate a team and network that supports and cultivates our Brilliance manifesting a fulfilling life!"  

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